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Exhibit: LMA Week at Frank L Weyenberg Library ~ Runs from November 10 to 16

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Exhibit: LMA Cedarburg Art Museum ~ Juried Show ~ “The Human Spirit” ~ January 15 to May 10, 2020  

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Exhibit: Grohmann Museum ~ Juried Show ~ May 22 to August 23, 2020 

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Please note that there is a change in location  

We will be meeting at Bonaventure Hall Room 033 

October 12 and November 9, 2019

​​Our Next Membership Meeting  

Speaker: Gunnar Gruenke, president of Conrad Schmitt Studios

Saturday, October 12 – 9:30AM to 11:30AM


LMA, the League of Milwaukee Artists, is open to all qualifying creative artists who work in one or more of the following media: oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing, pen and ink, sculpture, mixed media, collage, decollage, assemblage, artistic calligraphy, digitally enhanced images created through photography and or digital photography printed and published in a single edition, conceptual art, original print/print making in single edition, and unique sculpture or ceramic design.

We provide opportunities to support our community's younger aspiring artists and excellent learning opportunities with leading artists and industry speakers at monthly meetings. Come, network and socialize with your peers, the best of the best local artists​​.