​ West Bend Plein Air Sponsorship


Sponsorship Benefits
West Bend Plein Air Art Competition
August 16th – August 18th

The Plein Air Art competition will consist of two events:

  • “The Main Event,” Thursday, August 16th, Friday, August 17th and the morning of Saturday, August 18th. Artists will paint the historic heart of the city and the surrounding scenic areas of West Bend
  • "Paint the Market,” Saturday, August 18th, 7am to 11am. Artists will paint the popular West Bend Farmers Market.

Art will be judged on the afternoon of August 18th and winners will be announced during an artists and sponsors reception at 5 pm.

Promotional Material: Your name and logo will be on all printed material produced in support of the Plein Air, including rack cards, posters and programs.

Print Ads: All print ads produced will include your name and logo.

Social Media: You will be listed on the LMA Facebook Page and in all postings to other social media.

LMA Website: Your name and logo will be added to information in our website, www.milwaukeeartists.org, promoting the event.

Your Literature: Literature about you will be at the information table for the public and for artist check-in.

Banners: Your name and logo will be on the banners hanging at the Gallery of Wisconsin Art, 303 Water Street.

Present Awards: A representative from your organization will present the award(s) you are sponsoring.

Nametags: Your name and logo will be on all nametags for the event.

Booth Signs: Your logo will be featured on the booth signs of the Art Fair participants. (Plus, see the BONUS below.)

BONUS: In addition to the Plein Air Art, on Saturday, August 18th and Sunday, August 19th, LMA is coordinating an Art Fair in the parking lot of the Gallery of Wisconsin Art (GOWA). Sponsor promotional material will continue to be displayed during the Art Fair – an ongoing opportunity to connect with the public.

Sponsorship Application

Yes, we are excited to support the League of Milwaukee Artists’ West Bend Plein Air Art Competition in the following level(s) of sponsorship:

​​The League of Milwaukee Artists (LMA) invites you to partner with us in promoting the arts in West Bend by sponsoring an award at the Plein Air Art competition that will take place from Thursday, August 16th to Saturday, August 18th. For three days, the streets of West Bend will be filled with talented artists who will complete their work in plein air (outside), recording on canvas and paper the ambiance, charm and beauty of the city.

Here’s where you come in . . .

You can add your name to one of the 12 artist awards totaling $4650, in addition to being included in promotional material. Awards range from a top award of $1000 for “Best of Show” to $100 for “Honorable Mention.” Each sponsorship level carries an attractive package that will showcase your commitment to supporting the arts in West Bend.

Or . . .

You can be the Name Sponsor and ONLY your name and logo will be on ALL material associated with the West Bend Plein Air Art competition. What an exciting way to let everyone know that you are a strong supporter of the arts.

Who is LMA?

For 75 years, LMA, a non-profit association of artists, has championed the arts in Southeastern Wisconsin. LMA is dedicated to the promotion of visual creation, personal artistic growth, and the expansion of the arts in our state, region and community. The juried membership is comprised of 120 local artists working in a wide variety of mediums.

Completed artwork by the plein air artists will be displayed for sale until Saturday, September 1st at the Gallery of Wisconsin Art (GOWA), located at 303 Water Street in West Bend. Residents and visitors of West Bend will be able to select the perfect paintings to enhance their homes and businesses.

Sponsorship Benefits are described below and levels of sponsorship are delineated on the "Sponsorship Opportunities" page. Click on the blue bar below to link to it. All sponsorship money will be used exclusively for artist awards. Only the support of businesses and organizations like yours will make this a successful annual event.

Feel free to contact me at (262)573-1403 if I can answer any questions about this exciting opportunity.

Jack Pachuta
LMA President

The “Sponsorship Opportunities” matrix indicates the benefits you will receive for each level of sponsorship.

Sponsorships will be assigned on a first come/first served basis. If the level you sign up for is already filled, you’ll be contacted to update your sponsorship application. All sponsorship money will be used exclusively for artist awards.

Complete the application above and press "Submit" to send the information to LMA.

Payment: Once your sponsorship level has been confirmed, you will be invoiced by LMA for payment and LMA will implement your Sponsorship Benefits. PAYMENT will be due AFTER your sponsorship is confirmed.

Contact: Jack Pachuta, LMA President, (262)573-1403, jack@pachuta.com