League of Milwaukee Artists

Online Exhibitions:

League of Milwaukee Artists Presents "Regeneration" New Works For A New Year

As the new year begins, LMA invited its members to submit up to 3 works that interpret the idea of regeneration and artistically express what the process of renewal and growth means to them.

Premiere March 1, 2021.  Enjoy the show.

"The pieces exhibited in LMA's "Regeneration" were all beautifully crafted, leaving me to crave that in person viewing hopefully soon to come. It was hard to jury this exhibition as the theme of the exhibition was broad enough that many of the works seemed to explore nature in its beauty rather than focus on "regeneration, renewal, and growth" in itself. After much thought and careful consideration, my ultimate decisions were based on composition, handling of medium, color choices, visual impact, and the total presentation of the works (scale, final display, title, etc). I am grateful for being given the opportunity to view and examine such a variety of works so closely. I am looking forward to seeing what's to come from LMA. " - Riley Niemack, "Regeneration" Exhibition Juror

2020 League of Milwaukee Artists 
1st ON-LINE EXHIBITION: “Creativity from Solitude”

Artists have endured centuries of hardships and successes.  No group of creative souls has had such passion and perseverance as the artist.  Through this specific time we are all facing together, this exhibition serves as inspiration to all that view it.  The artists are voicing their emotions and exhibiting their talents amid a worldwide pandemic.  LMA is demonstrating hope and positive perspectives as they demonstrate "we can keep moving forward, in unity, through our solitude during COVID 19."