Call to Artists

Artists - Help Donate PPE to Medical Workers!

Friends, My name is Katie from Mask Crusaders MKE. MC-MKE is the newest chapter of a nationwide grassroots volunteer effort to facilitate the donation of extra masks, gloves, and other protective equipment from individuals and businesses to healthcare professionals and others working on the front lines of this epidemic. I'm reaching out to you today to ask whether your network of artists have any surplus protective equipment that they would be willing to donate to help healthcare workers in the Milwaukee area stay safe at work. COVID-19 frontline workers are running out of the protective equipment they need to keep themselves and those they serve safe, and your extras could save lives! We know that many Wisconsin businesses are closed or operating at a lower capacity during the state of emergency. During this time, we're asking for donations of any masks, gloves, protective eyewear and clothing, shoe covers, face shields or alcohol that individuals may not be using. Many studio artists regularly use at least some of these materials in their practice.  Our Milwaukee chapter is brand new, but nationwide Mask Crusaders has distributed nearly 64,000 pieces of protective equipment in just two weeks! DONATE SUPPLIES!  If you or anyone you know has supplies of needed equipment such as masks and gloves, please consider donating them to those on the frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic at FIND DONATIONS! Frontline workers can receive donations by finding what they need on the form and then reaching out to donors directly to pick up. As I said we are a brand new chapter in the earliest stages of gathering donations so there may not be much available just now, but keep checking back! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! If you know others who are in the position to donate materials or who may be eager to receive donations, please share this email with them! We are all safer when we work together. You can find out more about Mask Crusaders in The New York Times or NPR! **NOTE: Donation/Recipient links are case sensitive!** Thank you for standing in solidarity with one another, Katie